Live baccarat gambling

Baccarat is one of the most famous games that is most often played in the VIP lounges of casinos from Monte Carlo to London and Las Vegas. This is the favorite game of secret agents and supervillains, and is often seen in spy and action films. Now you, too, can join this legendary game without leaving your home. Play live baccarat with real dealers and real cards.

Basic rules of live baccarat

The rules of baccarat are pretty simple. In each hand, the player and the dealer, who is called the banker in baccarat, are dealt two cards. The task of each of them is to score 9 or as close to 9 as the number of points. 10 and picture cards have a denomination of 0, aces – 1, and the denomination of the remaining cards corresponds to their denomination (two – 2, three – 3, etc.).

Depending on the number of points on the first two cards, a third card may be dealt. Players place bets on a player or banker to win or on a draw. Winning bets are paid 1: 1. If you win the bet, a 5% commission is charged on the banker. A draw bet pays 8: 1. There are two additional bets to choose from – on the player’s pair and the banker’s pair. These bets are paid 11: 1.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for live baccarat is 98.94%.

The theoretical return on side bets is as follows:

  • 89.64% – a couple with a banker
  • 89.64% – a pair of a player
  • 91.95% – perfect couple
  • 86.29% – a pair from a banker or a player
  • 97.35% – player bonus
  • 90.63% – banker bonus

How to start playing live baccarat

Live baccarat is available around the clock at standard and VIP tables at various rates. To start playing, open the “Casino” tab in the client program and select the table with the rates you are interested in.

You can play live baccarat on your iOS or Android smartphone and tablet

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