Online roulette wheel gambling

The online roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, numbered from zero (zero) to 36. You can combine any bets, including bets on individual numbers or groups of numbers. All these bets are placed on the so-called “inside” part of the table.

On the “outer” part of the table, you can place bets on different groups of 18 numbers. Here you can bet on the top or bottom half of the numbers, odd or even, red or black.

In addition, bets on 12 numbers (“columns” and “dozens”) and 17 numbers are available in roulette.

Read more about how to play this game on the roulette rules page. Remember, the best place to learn how to play free roulette is at our play money tables.

How to play roulette

Players place their bets before spinning the roulette wheel. After the bets have been placed, you will be able to see the 10 highest possible payouts based on the numbers you selected.

As you play, the results column displays the history of the recently won numbers. In addition, information is available about “hot” and “cold” numbers (that is, about numbers that were drawn more often and less often, respectively), as well as the ratio of red and black, even and odd.

These results cannot be used to predict the outcome of the next rotation. This is simply information that may or may not affect your subsequent bets.

You can also play roulette and blackjack on Android and iOS devices using mobile application.

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