Video poker gambling: how to win

The choice of a slot machine. Different slot machines of the same type have different offers for paying out winnings, which means that they can be more or less profitable for you. Therefore, your first strategic decision should be to choose the slot that gives the casino the least edge.

In most cases, all winnings from the same combination of cards are proportional, and only in the case of a royal flush in the game with the maximum bet, the winnings are significantly greater than in games with a smaller number of tokens. Therefore, the general rule for any kind of Videopoker is the following:

Always set the maximum bet !?
It is with this rule in mind that most strategies for replacing cards are built. What if this rule is neglected? Let’s start with the fact that the roil flush comes out about once in 40 thousand games. In theory, this means that by playing on a machine that offers 100% money back and playing 39,999 games, making the maximum bet each time, you will lose 5,000 tokens and your next game will be completely won back. Making the minimum bet, you can expect to lose 1000 tokens and wager 250, which will bring you a net loss of 750 tokens. The ratio of 750 lost tokens to 40 thousand games gives 1.9% in favor of the casino. Thus, the win-win machine became unprofitable.
For other machines that promise to pay 4000 tokens on a ROI, this percentage will be slightly lower, but still quite noticeable.
If you think that several random games are simply impossible to make the highest combination, then you are wrong. The chance of getting a royal flush in the next game for the one who bets his only coin and the one who has done it tens of thousands of times to no avail is exactly the same. History knows many examples when beginners are lucky and professionals lose. Therefore, regardless of who you belong to, set the maximum rate.

Card replacement strategy

The card replacement strategy follows several general rules. If your cards made a complete combination: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Straight, Flush, Full House, Five of Cain – hold all 5 cards. If you don’t have four cards of the same suit, four consecutive cards, three consecutive cards of the same suit, and no high cards, replace all 5 cards. When your cards contain two possible combinations at once, play the one with the stronger chance.

Minimum bet strategy

The first rule of Video Poker says that you should always place your maximum bet. A professional gambler, having allocated a certain amount for the game, would rather play 100 games of 5 tokens each, knowing that the casino has no advantage than 500 games each with one token, when the casino is in favor of almost 2%.

The only justification for setting the minimum bet can only be that the lost minimum is more materially beneficial for you than the possible win. If you decide to play this way, then make amendments to the strategy of replacing cards, which will slightly reduce the additional percentage of the casino.

The standard card replacement strategy is that the “one win rate” of the roll flush is 800 (4000 for 5 tokens). In single bet games, this figure is 250. By dividing the first number by the second, you get 3.2 – the correction factor for all initial roil flush combinations.
Thus, for bet jacks games, the probabilities of winning a royal flush are as follows

CombinationProbability of winning
Roil Flush250
4 roil flush5.6
3 roil flush0.46
Substitution of 5 cards0.39
2 roil flush (K, D; K, V; D, V)0.18
2 roil flush (A, K; A, D; A, B)0.17
2 roil flush (10, B; 10, D; 10; K)0.15

The last three positions are less likely to win than replacing all five cards, and therefore may not be counted at all. The main difference is that 4 roil flushes are inferior to flushes and full houses, and 3 roil flushes are lower than 1 high card.

More drastic changes should be made in the minimum bet strategies for wild card games, in which a roil flush is more likely to occur. If desired, all these corrections can be calculated independently, dividing the probability of winning the combinations associated with the roil flush by a coefficient of 3.2.

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